Hi, I am Ivon Huang, a Linux & FOSS software enthuasist from Taiwan.

I am interested in Computer Science, history, aircraft, philosophy and ESL teaching methods.

This blog is also availble in Traditional Chinese (Click national flag icon at top-right). Though the contents will not always be the same :P


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My avatar is Spitfire Mk.9, which is made in Blockbench. It is included in Kancolle Add-on for Minecraft bedrock edition.

The aicraft on the homepage of this website are: ROCAF F-16B Block 20, Finnish Bf-109G, A6M5 Zero, Spitfire Mk.9, Type 1 Land Attack Bomber Mk.42c, Savoia S.21 from Proco Rosso. Check these 3D models on Sketchfab.

The default thumbnail of posts is shot in Minetest 5.6.0 with TEX-D2 texture pack.

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