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My Minetest gaming diaries and beautiful terrain screenshots

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  1. Some Minetest texture packs with good water textures. 1. The original MT textures for comparison 2. Hand Painted Pack 3.EarthSiege 4.SharpNet Photo Realism


  2. Trying to port my Minecraft Aircraft mod to Minetest. This map looks like Japanese AF in Rabaul dring WWII.


  3. ch98's Mudslide mod. Before v.s. After mudslide. (The mudflows are randomly generated on each blocks, then they will dry out and turn into dirts.) It works best with Minetest's valley map generator. Regional Weather Mod makes it more realistic.


  4. FaceDeer's Volcano Mod for Minetest. Maybe we could add lava flow...


  5. The Wind Rises (2013) 風立ちぬ movie poster.


    Game engine: Miunetest. Naoko skin by alssiee. Summer mod by ulla. Painting mod by SFENCE. Skybox mod by sofar

  6. sofar's Skybox mod may work well with dynamic shadows of Minetest 5.6.0... first we have to re-enable the day cycle so we could see shadows.


  7. Minetest texture pack Isabella II + Dynamic Shadows make sunlight shadow overlay effect, which is captivating.


  8. Angkor Wat, temple complex, Cambodiain in Minetest by OldCoder


  9. Minetest v7 floatlands map generator 🎵Castle in the sky music play🎵


  10. Minetest


  11. When you install 20+ mods in Minetest.


  12. Jay Wells(@Mega_Spud): What are you playing this weekend? Me: Minetest.


  13. Minetest, an open source blocky game... so attractive



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